You may be familiar with the fact that Lake Anna has a “Private Side” and a “Public Side”, also known as the “Warm Side” and the “Cold Side”, divided by three Dikes that are berms of land that you cannot cross by boat.  Once buyers learn about the Private Side vs. the Public Side and the offerings of each, they are forced to choose one or the other and conduct their search based on that preference.  With only approximately 100 waterfront homes for sale at any given time, this can really limit your choices.

Homeowners on the Private Side often wish that they had boating access to the marinas and restaurants, or an escape to cooler water temperatures when the water reaches the upper 90s during the warmest Summer months.  Homeowners on the Public Side often wish that they could extend their water sports season and enjoy swimming and boating as early as April and as late as October.  But what if you could have both?

One unique neighborhood, Both Waters Estates, has exclusive access to both Lake Anna’s Private and Public sides.  With its common area situated at Dike #2, homeowners in Both Waters can enjoy access to both sides of the lake any time of year!  Within the neighborhood, some homes face the Private Side and some homes face the Public Side, but whichever side you face, you have the use of the other via the common area.

Due to this rarity, it is seldom that homes last very long on the market in Both Waters.  Currently, there are three waterfront homes for sale in Both Waters Estates: two on the Private Side, with one just shy of $800k and the other offered at $1,125,000 and one on the Public Side listed for only $495,000.  With expansive million-dollar views, this cozy log home comes fully furnished and is certainly a favorite among buyers so far.

Bonus Fact: want a front-row seat for Fourth of July fireworks?  Dike #2 in Both Waters Estates hosts the largest fireworks display on Lake Anna.

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