One of the differences in the value of Lake Anna waterfront property is the north and south end of the lake. The north end of the lake, even though phenomenally beautiful and serene, is where the tributaries and rivers run into the lake which can get muddy and stay muddier longer than the south end where the water is deeper, clearer and bluer.    

In addition to being muddy, the north end of Lake Anna, especially at the rivers, can be very shallow. The property in the north end of Lake Anna that has shallow water is much more inexpensive than the deeper water in the north and the more expensive south end. However, fair value isn’t the only perk of being on the northern end of the lake, especially if the property is close to the Route 522 to Culpeper and Route 29, which leads to the west side of northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland.

There are also other factors to consider when looking at lakefront homes for sale such as proximity to Lake Anna’s restaurants and marinas. Tim’s at Lake Anna is a waterfront seafood restaurant located off of Route 522 at the north end of the lake. The Cove at Lake Anna restaurant has also opened at the north end at Hunter’s Landing. Many Lake Anna vacationers and residents alike enjoy taking a boat ride to the waterfront restaurants. There are also three restaurants mid-lake at the Lake Anna Island complex by the Route 208 Bridge. All three of these restaurants can be accessed by boat, though they are several hundred feet off the water.  The future will surely bring waterfront dining to a pavilion or pier at that location. Across the street from that location is the planned development, The Lake Anna Resort, which when built, promises to bring additional dining options on and off the water.

The Lake Anna Resort just recently had its master site plan approved by Louisa County, but it may take several years to complete. The only other restaurant on the water is the Anna Cabana, between mid and south lake. The Pleasants Landing Marina is currently looking for a restaurateur at the very south end of the lake. There really isn’t any more commercial property so it looks as though this will be the main waterfront restaurant opportunities for Lake Anna for some time. However, with new developments potentially in the works, Lake Anna waterfront property and lake houses is a growing market that might see increases in value in the next several years.

The south end of the lake can be beautiful with deep, clean water and, in some areas, natural sandy beaches. The lake is very wide at the south end, so some of the lake houses and lakefront properties boast five-mile views. Most parts of Lake Anna offer gorgeous sunset and sunrise views, so you really can’t go wrong with north or south-facing waterfront home.

The costs of waterfront property vary from the shallow waterfront lots at the north end to the deeper, boat-friendly waters on the south side. These properties might vary from $100,000 to over half a million depending on the location and the portion of the lake it resides in. Keep in mind, these are the general characteristics of the lake and the lakefront property that borders it. For example. there are some options in the north end that do offer deep water and can run in the $400,000 range.

No matter which waterfront home you choose, your property will be beautiful, but the south end of Lake Anna is more desired by the majority of real estate buyers, so the south has more demand and is more expensive because of it. Ultimately, the choice should depend on the lifestyle you are looking for. Boating enthusiasts who like to set sail every weekend will most likely do better in the deeper south side, whereas those who enjoy dining out and nightlife might fair better on the north side.

Remember every lot is different, so you have to take the north and south into consideration but you have to also look at all of the other value indicators. The Hidden Values section of the Lake Anna Real Estate Buyers Guide includes several chapters that will define the indicators that raise or lower the price of property at Lake Anna. Make sure you download the rest of the Lake Anna Real Estate Buyers Guide to learn how to get the most for your investment. It’s also important to consult with an experienced Lake Anna realtor from Lake Anna Resort Realty, who has been trained to look for these key indicators. Send us a message or give us a call at Lake Anna Resort Realty today to get started!  540-894-4560.

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